Team, Investors and Advisors


The project team comprises of more than 20 people from Singapore, New Zealand, Philippines, Vietnam and China, mostly game developers and designers. The team has been working on virtual world/metaverse games for over 10 years.


DigiNation has successfully raised a total of $2.4M from venture capital firms and strategic players in the industry. Investors include: Longhash Ventures, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Huobi Ventures, RareStone Capital, Spark Digital Capital, Yuanyuzhou Ventures and 21DAO Ventures. Announcement here.


  • Charles Read, Founder of RareStone Capital. Read announcement here.
  • Leo Law, Cryptocurrency commentator and gamefi expert, influencer and angel investor, ex-Tencent and ex-NetEase.
  • Vincent_W, NFT investor and supercoder with Messari Crypto. Previously a developer at HoloLens, Bridgewater and Facebook.
  • Artoria, NFT investor, community leader and software engineer in Amazon.
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